Free PowerCam™ Photo and Video Effects App

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Free PowerCam™ photo and video effects app brings you the magic of professional photography right on your iPhone. With PowerCam™, you can give your photos and videos the magic touch of a pro photographers Photoshop and After Effects work with just a push of a button. PowerCam™ released on Dec 02 2011. Download Free PowerCam™ for your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (free for limited time). PowerCam™ photo and video effects file size 20MB. PowerCam™ for iPhone Website

PowerCam™ is a powerful yet fun photo and video app that sets your creativity free. Never take a boring picture or video again, use any of PowerCam™'s more than 50 effects like color splash, tilt-shift, vintage film, and others to create great looking pictures and videos with an excusive real-time preview that lets you see exactly what the final shot will really look like - before you shoot.

PowerCam™ photo and video effects app allows you to share instantly with friends and family with convenient built-in sharing via Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, and other popular sites.


Is Apple Getting Android Inspiration?

1:38 AM
As Android phones continue to outsell iPhones, Apple has been apparently getting some inspiration from Google's mobile OS. A series of screenshots received by 9 To 5 Mac show Apple is using internally a version of the iOS lock screen with the gesture-based lock system found on Android phones (as pictured).

Comparing lock screens (click to enlarge)The iOS gesture-based lock screen seems to work similarly to the dots unlock screen on Android. So instead of having to type in a password or a four-digit code, the user has to input a pattern previously defined and customized to unlock the phone. The same method is used for Android's vanilla (non-manufacturer customized) lock screen.

According to 9 To 5 Mac's unnamed source, Apple has already deployed this new lock screen for use internally in the staff-only Apple Connect app for iPhones. There is no word though on whether this feature will make it to consumers, but the report mentions that Apple plans to use this screen lock method inside other internal apps, like the one the company's retail store employees use.

One of the main reasons the dots screen lock won't ever make it into a public iOS release, 9 To 5 Mac speculates, is because Google probably owns the patent on this system, making it unlikely that the company would license it to its most bitter competitor.

The gesture-based lock screen, made popular by Google Android phones, is generally seen as more secure than the generic password of four-digit screen locks. However, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found (PDF) that the dots lock screen can be susceptible to "smudge attacks," due to the oily residues left by fingers on the screen being able to reveal the lock pattern. An easy solution to avoid this is to simply keep the phone's screen clean.


It’s Official: Apple to Unveil iPad 2 on March 2nd

6:30 PM
The rumors that started yesterday about Apple holding an iPad 2 event on March 2nd are true. This morning Apple sent out invites to ”come see what 2011 will be the year of”.

The invitation (pictured) features a large 2 with the calendar page pulled back just enough to give a glimpse of what could be the next iPad. Some have noted that the page is not pulled back far enough to show the facetime camera which we are certain will be on iPad 2.

It is also interesting to note that Apple decided to hold an event releasing iPad 2 on the second day of March. Coincidence or clever marketing? We believe the latter. Now that we know when the second generation iPad will officially be revealed, we will wait patiently and hope Steve Jobs is able to make the announcement.

The event will be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco at 10:00 am. Apple has used this venue to introduce a number of products in recent years including the first generation iPad.

Are you planning on getting the second generation iPad?

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Google Wants to Plan Your Wedding

1:31 AM
Google is taking on an unlikely role: wedding planner.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Google has rolled out a dedicated site where consumers can create a wedding website, edit photos and plan their wedding using wedding-specific templates in Google Sites, Google Docs and Picnik. The company announced the move today on its official Google blog.

Google teamed up with wedding planner Michelle Rago for the templates, and Rago also provides tips to the soon-to-be-betrothed. To spread the word, Google is also hosting a wedding sweepstakes offering a prize of $25,000 and the chance to get Rago to help plan your wedding. ( There are more than 20 wedding templates that can help track the event budget, collect addresses for invitations and compare vendors, the Internet company said.)

The site is the latest attempt by Google to insinuate itself into consumers’ lifestyles. In 2008, Google launched Google Health, which is designed to let users organize, monitor, track and use health information on the site. But there’s a thin line between providing helpful information and invading privacy: In 2009, Google Health partnered with CVS to provide patients online access to their prescription drug history via their Google Health accounts, raising issues about Google’s access to sensitive personal information.


New Mac App Store = Cheaper Apps, Bye CDs

3:19 AM


Apple has just launched its Mac Apps Store, with over 1,000 apps available so far. "To get the App Store on your computer you must have Snow Leopard, and you must update your software. Alternatively, you can visit Apple's site," notes Business Insider. The Unofficial Apple Weblog notes that iLife apps, like iPhoto and Garage Band, can be purchased individually for $15 and can be used on all your computers. Realmac Blog has thoughts on what the App Store will mean--"Mac apps are going to get cheaper. There's been plenty of developers posting that they'll keep selling their $50+ apps at the same price. We wish them the best of luck with that." Of course, "Developers will be free to sell their wares via their own websites using traditional methods. There's going to be a transition period where software is bought and sold both ways. The question everyone's asking is: how long will that period last? Years? Months?" writes Cult of Mac.

And, says paidContent, the App Store reflects "that consumers are relying less and less on inserting a CD or DVD to provide applications--and [suggests] that like the Macbook Air, the next set of Apple computer products may eschew the disc player altogether."

The 75th Ann. iTunes make Elvis be yours!

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Elvis 75 - Good Rockin' Tonight, iTunes makes the world’s easiest way to preview Elvis Presley’s magnificent world, there raise another wave to commemorate the most important figure in American 20th century, so, why does this occurred? Here we can get the answer.

When Elvis Presley died on 16th August, 1977, radio and television programs were overwhelmed by the news of his death, the streets were jammed with cars, and Elvis Presley films were shown on television, and his records were played on the radio all day, even President Carter was asked to declare a day of national mourning. Though Elvis left his fans, his music remains, it’s like the world never forget the” The Hillbilly Cat”.

Elvis lived a poor life in his early days, and little Elvis never had music lessons, but was surrounded by music from an early age. After Presley's first RCA single, "Heartbreak Hotel”, he soon became the leading figure of the newly popular sound of rock and roll with a series of network television appearances and chart-topping records. This Cat obtained national attention and transformed the field of popular music and had a huge effect on the broader scope of popular culture. Even today, Severing hip twist、famous outfit's eagle motif、sensational stage performance still fascinate a great mumble of people in the word, As if one Presley gone, lots of Presley rise .

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